Property Division Lawyer

Washington is a community property state, which means it views all property, assets, and debts acquired during a marriage as belonging equally to both spouses.

At Gallagher Law, we understand that property division is a critical aspect of the divorce process, and we are here to navigate this complex terrain with you. Washington State operates under the principle of community property, which means that the law presumes joint ownership of assets acquired during the marriage, regardless of who obtained them. When a divorce occurs, the court aims to distribute the marital property in a manner that is fair, equitable, and considers the unique circumstances of each case.

Our experienced property division attorneys will guide you through the intricacies of the law and work diligently to ensure that your rights and interests are protected during the division of assets. We recognize that property acquired during the marriage may hold significant financial and emotional value, and we are committed to achieving a just and balanced distribution for you.

Our approach to property division is both strategic and compassionate. We will advocate on your behalf to protect assets that hold personal significance and those that are crucial for your future financial stability. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed, explain your options, and work collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcome.

At Gallagher Law, we recognize that property division can be emotionally challenging, especially when it involves shared memories and financial concerns. Our compassionate attorneys are dedicated to guiding you through this process with empathy and strength, providing you with the support and representation you need to move forward confidently into the next chapter of your life.


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"Christine was the best decision I made. She was on top of things, knew me and my case well and truly cared. She supported me and my positions and was honest about what to expect. I would recommend her to anyone!"

Jess July 2021

“Christine prevented me from making a couple of potentially costly mistakes with my complicated divorce that included moves across state boundaries. I’m grateful she was honest with me in what the consequences might be.”

Christy July 2021

“Christine and her staff were incredibly helpful walking me through a process I was unfamiliar with, very considerate of my time and advocated fiercely on my behalf. I am truly so thankful to have found Christine!”

Joanna October 2020

“I am grateful and thankful to have found such a passionate, dedicated and professional lawyer. Christine and her team were wonderful to work with. She listened to my concerns and took action immediately...”

Stephanie July 2021

“I previously had an attorney who pretty much destroyed me and my case then I was referred to Christine by friend. I was scared at 1st because I have already paid so much money but the minute I met Christine...”

Angela September 2020